whoah, whoah, hang on a second, what's through that door over there?

Gregovich the gregofish welcomes you to our secret little intoxicating oasis. Speak freely, stay fintastic, and of course: what happens at Brew 62 stays at Brew 62.    
Or else. - Kaia

The Brew 62  (Frozen Spirits)
      Double Distilled Lalafellian Moonshine produced on-site. Strong but aromatic flavor with a hint of Gridanian apple. Don't tell the Twin Adder!

Kaia’s Khaos  (Purple Carrot Juice)
      This mysterious drink mixture was made by Kaia herself, it's contents are a mystery. You'll be left bouncing around the room when you dare to drink this crazy strong brew!

The Ramarita  (Lemonade)
      Made with tequila, fresh lime juice, orange juice, and a slice from a dragon pepper. Served with blood pepper powder and salt around the rim, garnished with a lime slice. This twist on a classic margarita is sure to add some spice to your day and put you in a Ramarific mood.

Jujuice  (Grape Juice)
      YES, it's Juju's special Jujuice. The side effects are... strong. NOT for retail sale outside this establishment. Do NOT drink while pregnant.

The Bee's Knees  (Apple Juice)
      Gin shook with homemade golden-honey syrup and hand-squeezed heavens-lemon juice. An ice cold treat, sweet as nectar and refreshing as a nighttime breeze, /beesknees-ing though the summer skies.

The Sidecar  (Orange Juice)
      Cognac, blood-orange liqueur, and freshly squeezed heavens-lemon juice. A bountiful balance of dry and brilliant citrus sapidity. Whether you have Alpha in your sidecar or someone else, you’ll want this drink by your side.

The Revolver Cocktail  (Pixieberry Tea)
      Bourbon stirred with coffee liqueur and La Noscean orange bitters. Dark, and nuanced, with subtle fruity notes and a very exciting kick. This drink may leave your eyes wide and heart rate high, but rest assured, it won’t cause you to superbolide.

The Opo-Opo Gland  (Crimson Cider)
      Gin, shook with Garlean grenadine, blood-orange juice, and a dash of absinthe. Delicate, fruity, and herbaceous, with a kiss of sweet anise bestowing all the vigor of an opo-opo. But please, take any monkey business outside.

The Ward 6  (Chamomile Tea)
      Whiskey, shook with a splash of Gridanian grenadine, and six syrupy teaspoons of a La Nocean orange-lemonette juice. Rich, sweet and tart, and surprisingly homely. Our sixth sense says you’ll savor this luscious libation.

Gridania Fizz  (Doman Tea)
      Local rum and port, fresh-squeezed lemonette, South Shroud syrup, and a Lindwurm egg white. A bold, lush, and decadent treat, aerated by pouring from a height, leaving a perfect foamy head as bubbly and brilliant as a Gridanian waterfall.

Corpse Reviver No.2  (Blood Tomato Juice)
      Gin, shook with local herbed wine, fresh-squeezed sun lemon, and a house-secret tonic of the Ul’Dahn Alchemist’s guild, into an absinthe-rinsed glass. Cold as the dead, and tart, with a revitalizing kick. AKA: raise, ascend, egeiro.

The 6-2 Combo  (Happiness Juice)
      The Ward 6 cocktail with a chaser of Corpse Reviver No.2. Allow the comfortably full and fruity flavours of our flowery home envelop you into a rich, loving bedrest, before kicking yourself back into motion with a tangy, herbal revivification.

Our secret stash awaits you. We highly encourage our beloved patrons not to tell the Wood-Wailers.
For your own sake. - Kaia

Howdy there, guest, my name's Juju. I'm in charge of designing this here fine-ass business carrd and I just gotta say, we don't have staff bios yet. Apologies for the inconvenience. I'm sure I could write anything here without anyone noticing. Hehe. Be sure to find me and /pet me if you think this site is neat. :D <3But, uh, yeah, the staff are cool, though, I can vouch for them. Apologies that this page is such a work in progress. Don't worry, I'll scrounge up something to put up here... Maybe doodle on a photograph or two......Too bad it's the height of the Gridanian Prohibition and we are entirely required by law not to serve alcoholic beverages on the premises, because I could really use a drink...

This page is a work in progress. So instead, what we're gonna ask is that you please pretend like we were able to come up with like, an incredible feature-film-length tearjerker about our founding and how much it means to us, specifically and personally.Because we get it. We really do. The Gridanian Prohibition has been so very difficult for all of us. It's been difficult for a kind, law-abiding, Twelve-fearing, upstanding establishment like ours to stay afloat in these trying times.Some days, it seems like in order for us little guys to keep our heads above the water, we'd need to build a secret doorway in a bookcase in the building, and have the lovely guest click on the doorway next to the bookshelf, which would take them to the secret selection of alcoholic beverages. (Which, of course, is all something we would never do.)Gridania's finest speak-easy. Remember the name, remember the location: Brew 62.Hyperion, Lavender Beds, Ward 6, Plot 2.